Raise Your Hand, Answer the Question, and Keep Your Voice Down

Reflections from a human, father, husband, & educator.

I have started on a path called Deep Work that I ran across one day.  My first order of business was to try and think of what kind of Deep Work I could do, as an educator, and it occurred to me that a definition, possibly too simplistic, of Deep Work could be “anything the brain does not wish to stay focused on.”  In that case, a whole world opened up to me, especially when it comes to reading research, so that is where I opted to start. And, since I am an educator, I decided to turn my attention firstly, to Mr. Jean Piaget, and his book, The Psychology of the Child.  So, my first 30 minute session starts….I am going to break it up into 25 minutes of reading, 5 minutes of writing.  Just to start.

I am going to try, also, to read this book in the way that is suggested by the authors of How to Read a Book (which, if I am to be honest, I haven’t finished…). I am going to read through the first time, not stopping, not looking up words, not highlighting anything, just plowing through to the end.  When I reach the end, I will then go back through the book, and really start to analyze what knowledge is in there.  Which takes me to the foreword written by Jerome Kagan of Harvard. He gave a nice outline as to the overlying importance of Dr. Piaget, and just why Freud may have been much more popular than Piaget.  You know what, I should have also had added another preface to this post, and that is this….I may be wrong in my writings…I am going to read from the book, and then write about what I read, not looking back. This should prove interesting (to anyone other than me is yet to be seen).

So, I got through the foreword and the introduction (to be honest one more time, it took me some time to find what I was going to read, and that took about 10 minutes out of my 25 minutes of reading, so we are not getting off to that great of a start!, and now a lot of my typing has been in explaining what I am attempting to do, it seems I have to organize this a little better) in which they spoke about Dr. Piaget’s great thought was that of the beginning of adolescence and how that is another step along the path of intelligence. And what is different about adolescence is that it is the first time that we can start to make hypotheses, and see hypocrisies, which brings upon us crisis. My five minutes are up.

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