Raise Your Hand, Answer the Question, and Keep Your Voice Down

Reflections from a human, father, husband, & educator.

Phew! That was pretty tiring.. I do not know what it had more to do with, the taxing deep work of reading Piaget, or the fact that my daughter did not sleep well last night, which equals daddy didn’t sleep well last night!  I think it has more to do with the former.  Well, this first real day of deep work has been interesting. My daughter, whom I mentioned above, is 8 months old, so the chapter I was reading about sensory-motor intelligence really hit home. I am amazed to find out that babies have no real sign of cognitive intelligence until they are about one. Everything before that is based on reactions to outside stimuli..I must reiterate at this point that I may get some stuff wrong, I am reading quickly, not stopping, not rereading, even if I am confused, which I have been A LOT!  The corrections will come about when I analyze the text. And here I thought my daughter was a genius!  I thought she was predicting that the car door was going to close by squinting her eye, but it turns out that she is trying to close the door by squinting!  Now, Piaget does mention that in the final stage of the sensory-motor development, stage 6 I believe, the child will pull on a blanket to get an object, and I have seen my daughter do that, but I think the trick is that the child in stage 6 does it on purpose and repeatedly. Another interesting thing was the item about hiding an object. If you hide an object in A (to the right of them), and the baby finds it, and then you hide that same object in B (to the left of them) they will look in A first!  Fascinating…You know I am going to try this out tonight…


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