Raise Your Hand, Answer the Question, and Keep Your Voice Down

Reflections from a human, father, husband, & educator.

I think I should come up with some sort of mind wandering scale for my deep work, because today was tough. I kept thinking about other stuff as I was reading about the wonders of child psychology! Let’s try to get to the reading first. There were a few specifcis that I remember from today, one being the smile.  Apparently, it is a response to the eyes and brow, not the smile of another (they talked about some creepy doll that didn’t have a mouth!) and that it is one way babies start to understand the difference between people and objects (people smile, objects don’t). They also talked about the egocentricity of babies, only thinking about things as how they connect to them, not beeing really aware of what is around them (I know plenty of adults like that as well). They also went into the difference between field effect and perceptual effects (againk I think…I am not looking back, just plowing foward, things will be corrected when the analysis of the book begins). Field effects, when it comes to vision, is how we discern bigger objects from smaller objects, and this is something that is fairly consistent from baby to adult hood. The perceptual effect is how we perceive the differences sizes of smiliar objects, and this improves with age. This leads me to another idea I had about how they said real learning doesn’t start until 7…SEVEN…the same age Finland starts educating their children in the realm of academics. Is this where they got that idea?  We must look at this. My five minutes are up…I actuallly think I am going to change it to 20 min of reading and 10 min of writing. I will try that tomorrow!


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