Raise Your Hand, Answer the Question, and Keep Your Voice Down

Reflections from a human, father, husband, & educator.

First off two quotes.

“Throughout Visible Learning, I constantly came across the importance of ‘passion’; as a measurement person, it bothered me that it was a difficult notion to measure – particularly when it was often so obvious. But it is a particular form of passion – a passion based on having a positive impact on all of the students in the class. These mind frames (of passionate, inspired teachers/leaders) require nurturance and resourcing, and these mind frames are the professional being of those we call ‘effective’ teachers and school leaders.” John Hattie, Preface, Visible Learning for Teachers.

“You know, I don’t really like that, and neither do my kids.” Teacher X

A few weeks ago I ran into an inspired speech by a man named Cal Newton. He has written a book debunking the advice of following your passion. What it boils down to is this: “You can not expect a good working life until you are really good at something (so being good at something leads to the passion, not vice versa).” So I have a question for every teacher out there….Are you really good at teaching? Do you want to be really good at it?  Do you have the passion for teaching?

In the coming weeks, I am going to share the mindsets that Mr. Hattie talks about in his book; which I hope sparks some discussion on this site.


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