Raise Your Hand, Answer the Question, and Keep Your Voice Down

Reflections from a human, father, husband, & educator.

So I have decided to do 10 minutes of writing per day. I should be able to do that. I am also doing a 10 second reflection on Twitter..I should be able to do that as well.

The things that really stood out today… My math lesson started off extremely shakey.. I have started trying out Math Inquiry lessons, and the first step is having them look at a prompt, and then pose a comment or a question. I have struggled with the sharing aspect in the past, so I wanted to try something a little more streamlined, where everyone could see each partnerships response. My solution was Padlet. I still am a fan of Padlet, but that part of my lesson crashed and burned pretty quickly.. a combination of students not able to type a goo.gl url, the internet being intermittent (the absolute worst kind), and student impatience. I quickly dropped that idea for a mixture of padlet and whiteboard, that was quite clunky, but got some good thinking going. I need a better way to do this part, and I think using post-it notes and a big sheet of butcher paper is going to be the next step. The worst part was that the waste of time at the beginning reduced the amount of time the kiddos could practice, so I hope it wasn´t a wasted lesson.

We are trying to help the school with a it´s lost and found problem. The problem is that kids don´t go get their clothes from the lost and found; they just go home and have their parents get them something new to replace what they have lost. The problem with that (at least the one we are tackling) is that it wastes resources. It takes 25 gallons of water to grow the cotton needed for one t-shirt….ONE! My whole class still isn´t on board with helping out, and I think it is because this is more my idea than theirs… but I wanted to start a sort of “Social Action Hour” to bookend our “Genius Hour” so I thought walking them through a problem and having them control some to most of the process would be a good entry point. We shall see if it was.

I did a summary workshop for my reading lesson today, and it went fairly slowly..I am not sure how I could have picked the pace up. I think it might be that my students are still not yet bought into the idea of working hard.

On that note, my ten minutes are up.

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